Beige Snake Zelus

2.800,00 TL


Width (base) :41 cm

Height:67 cm

Depth: 12 cm


  • Leather is a breathable natural product with natural elasticity. Variations in color, porous texture and other irregularities are not quality errors but a natural aspect of leather products. 
  • Do not use your bag under heavy rain. The product should not be placed on a heater or blow-dried. Leather is heat sensitive and will be damaged when exposed to heat sources. Dry your bag naturally after wiping it down with a dry cotton cloth. When exposed to heat sources natural grease will dry up and the product will harden, becoming unusable. 
  • Do not store your bag in a plastic wrapper or expose it to strong light or sunlight as discolorations and fading may occur.
  • Hair spray, perfume and nail polish should be applied away from your bag as they may damage the leather. In case of such damage do not attempt to remove the stains and consult certified cleaners. Do not try to remove oil-based stains as leather will absorb them in time. Ink stains cannot be removed. 
  • Lighter colored leather bags and suede bags should be treated with care. Florantic leather based products are prone to deformations due to contact and rubbing.


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